Baker Beach Engagement Session | Stephanie & Danny | San Francisco, CA


It was an incredible day with an incredible couple at an incredible location!

All the stars were aligned for Stephanie and Danny’s Engagement Photo Session at Baker Beach and Battery Chamberlin. It was a rare warm and sunny day in San Francisco and the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge was in full view with no fog in sight.  Baker Beach is always crowded with beach goers and tourists wanting photos of the iconic Golden Gate bridge, but since it was 70 degrees that day, Baker Beach was especially crowded. With some creative posing and camera angles, we still managed to get a ton of amazing shots that seem as though they had the beach all to themselves. Scroll down to check them all out!

Stephanie and Danny are a wonderful and fun couple and were a dream to photograph.  They were down for any pose we threw at them and they did not stop smiling and laughing throughout the entire session.  We began the session with them walking hand in hand on the beach close to the crashing waves. At one point, a wave sneaked up and got them wet, but they were having so much fun, they did’t mind at all. They just took off their shoes and rolled up their pants and kept going!

Engaged Couple Stephanie and Danny strolling along Baker Beach hand in hand and embracing in front of the Golden Gate Bridge during an Engagement Photo Shoot in San Francisco, CA.

Next, we headed up into the park for some more shooting and eventually made our way to Battery Chamberlin.  Honestly, we could have photographed this couple all day.  Their love for each other and their happiness of being together just radiated out of every photo. Look at those smiles!

Stephanie & Danny posing romantically during their engagement session near Baker Beach and Battery Chamberlin in San Francisco, CA

As the sun began to set, we headed back down to the beach to finish up the engagement session. Stephanie and Danny had some fun drawing in the sand and then cuddled up for some romantic shots.

Engaged couple writing their initials in the sand at Baker Beach in San Francisco during their romantic sunset photo shoot celebrating their engagement.

Stephanie and Danny are planning their wedding for March of 2019 in Lake Tahoe.  We are so excited to be able to photograph them again and capture their beautiful wedding story!  Congratulations to Stephanie and Danny!

Baker Beach is definitely one of our favorite locations to shoot couples in love and a favorite location choice for our couples too. Be sure to check out our other amazing Baker Beach sessions.

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